Dust Bowl/Out of the Dust Research Project: http://mullanedustbowl.wikispaces.com/home

In this research project you will be researching details from the real life Dust Bowl era of the early to mid-1900s as well as drawing parallels to the historical fiction of Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. You will identify time frame, location, causes, and effects of the Dust Bowl.
1. Identify what exactly the Dust Bowl was.
2. Identify where the Dust Bowl was located.
3. When did it take place? What else was happening at this time in history?
4. What were the causes of the Dust Bowl? You will need to identify both man-made and natural causes. Explain the difference between climate and weather.
5. What were the effects, both immediate and long lasting, of the Dust Bowl?
6. Choose two specific details/hardships from Out of the Dust suffered by Billie Jo Kelby, her family, or her neighbors, that are examples of historically accurate facts from the time.
Project Requirements:
This must be written in the essay format learned in class.
The final draft must be typed on a keyboard and double spaced. Font size 12 point.
A minimum of two pictures must be included with the essay (with sources cited).
You must include a NoodleTools works cited page citing a minimum of three sources (NOT including cited pictures)
One of the three sources must be the book Out of the Dust.
Suggested Essay Model:
Introduction: opening statement, objectives briefly stated, thesis sentence
Body Paragraph #1: topic sentence, objectives 1, 2, 3 addressed, concluding sentence
Body paragraph #2: topic sentence, objectives 4, 5 addressed, concluding sentence
Body paragraph #3: topic sentence, objective 6 addressed (be sure to identify specific poems, concluding sentence
Conclusion: thesis sentence reworded, objectives briefly restated, closing opinion/observation
Monday (Jan. 27) Introduce project and discuss expectations in library/Research in library
Tuesday (Jan. 28) Research in library
Wednesday (Jan. 29) Research in library (if necessary)
Thursday (Jan. 30) Write in classroom
Tuesday (Feb. 4) Write in classroom
Wednesday (Feb. 5) Project due
You may research with a partner, but everyone is responsible for writing an essay!

Online Middle/High School Library Catalog (click on SEARCH to get to our databases and NoodleTools):
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Check out the following databases (easy to find if you click on "A-Z Listing" at the top of the SEARCH for Success page):
Grolier Encyclopedias Online
World Book Online
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History Reference Center
SIRS Discoverer
Art Museum Image Gallery (for images)
ProQuest Platinum
SIRS WebSelect

A few websites to get you started:
(If you find any good ones, tell us and we will add them to this list.)
Farming in the 1930s: The Dust Bowl
What is Drought? Drought in the Dust Bowl Years
Farming in the 1930s: "Okies"
American Heritage Magazine http://www.americanheritage.com
WGBH Educational Foundation. Surviving the Dust Bowl. 20 May 2012. <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/dustbowl/>.
Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Country. Picturing the 1930s. 20 May 2012.
Library of Congress, American Memory Fellows Program. Visions In the Dust : A Child's
Perspective of the Dust Bowl. 26 Sep 2002. 20 May 2012. <http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ndlpedu/lessons/99/dust/intro.html>.